Your loved one
your way

No two people are the same. Their funerals shouldn’t be, either.

Uniquely tailored
end-of-life celebrations

At Something Beautiful Remains, we arrange a funeral service
as unique as the person who has passed away.

We take care of everything

Planning a funeral service during a time of mourning can feel like an insurmountable task, but we meet your needs with skilled flexibility to help honour the life of your loved one.

Available 24/7

Our team is available at any time of the night or day, every day of the year. We guarantee to take care of your custom funeral arrangements with compassion, dignity and respect.

There are no rules!

Celebrate the life, love, special interests, faith or culture of your loved one with a unique and completely personalised funeral experience. We make the impossible possible.

Meet Caryn, Phil and Izzy

Taking care of every last funeral detail so that you can take care of yourself.

The dedicated team at Something Beautiful Remains walks beside you as you make funeral arrangements to honour your loved one in a personalised way.

We consider our customers to be our extended family and we strive to make your funeral service as unique and meaningful as possible.


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Our products are custom-made for you

The themes, colours, customs, music, personalised funeral keepsakes and mementos are meticulously planned to create a special funeral service for the special person you are farewelling.

Personalised coffins

Adorned with a favourite sporting team, tartan, colours, artwork or cultural flag of your choice, our personalised coffins are custom-made for you, with excellent turnaround time and attention to detail.

Do you have an idea for a personalised coffin that has never been done before?

We will make your inspiration a reality.



It is perfectly normal to have questions when a loved one has passed.

Have a look at our most frequently asked questions.

Simply call us. Initially, you don’t need to do anything else. We will make all the arrangements to take your loved one into our care. We will then make an appointment to come to your home to make arrangements for the service of your choosing.

You will need to advise as to whether the deceased is to be cremated or buried, so the appropriate medical certificates can be issued. In the case of a nursing home, you will need to advise them of the nominated funeral director as soon as possible.

You should call 000 for emergency services first. Where the death is accidental, is due to a sudden medical condition, or involves suspicious circumstances, the Coroner’s Court in Glebe will also be involved. Once you have appointed us, we will liaise directly with the coroner and keep you informed through each step of the process.

There are many groups, organisations and individuals who, in the fullness of time, will need to be notified. However, most of these do not need to be contacted immediately. So don’t feel pressured to compile an exhaustive list right now; just concentrate on a few essential people. Firstly, the family and friends. Also, the Executor of the estate should be informed as soon as possible. When the person is of strong spiritual belief, perhaps a member of the clergy. You should also contact your funeral director and allow them to start making arrangements for you.

Most people will base their decision on family, cultural or religious tradition. The most significant consideration is one of cost, which centres around the burial plot and additional cemetery fees. Cremation options include a non-attending service, a memorial service or a chapel/church service, which will affect the overall cost.

  • Non-attending – usually for cremation and where a separate function is to be held as a memorial or celebration of life.
  • Memorial – this can be held at any time and place, sometimes after cremation as part of an ashes-scattering ceremony.
  • Church/chapel – traditional services held prior to burial or cremation. Chapel services can be religious or secular.

Funeral services are commonly held in a church, usually the family church, or a chapel located within the cemetery or crematorium. Secular and memorial services, however, can be held almost anywhere. Some families have chosen the family home as a venue. Memorial services have even been conducted on a boat on the Hawkesbury River over a favourite fishing spot. Services can also be held at any time on any day. Twilight services are increasingly popular. We will provide any guidance you need to decide the best way of celebrating your loved one’s life and the flexibility to arrange to hold the service in any location you desire.

Usually, a member of the clergy will officiate when the service is in a church. In a chapel, a clergy member, civil celebrant, or even a family member or close friend may officiate. You can, however, have a number of people participate directly during the service.

There really is no single answer, as cost varies greatly from a simple non-attending service to the most elaborate burial ceremonies. Variables include choice of coffin, cemetery fees, flowers, audio-visual presentations, stationery, location, duration of the service, additional vehicles, etc. With Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services, you can include or remove any aspect of the service, giving you control over costs.

Something Beautiful Remains can arrange a funeral service in any city or town in Australia, to your personal requirements. Our team is based in Sydney, and can therefore offer face-to-face arrangements in Sydney metropolitan locations, NSW Central Coast and South Coast and Blue Mountains.

However, if you are located outside of these areas, don’t despair. We are still able to offer you our full range of personalised funeral services and products.


Our valued customers become forever family at Something Beautiful Remains.
Read why they appreciate our out-of-the-box and personalised funeral approach so much.

“Allan had wanted to make arrangements before he passed away, so Caryn met with Allan, me and our three daughters at Campbelltown hospital for a truly difficult meeting. We talked about his wishes, and as a family we made decisions about his funeral arrangements. This was made a little easier given Caryn’s relaxed and open way of talking us through some tough questions.”

Family of Allan

“On behalf of the entire Pritchard family, we would like to thank you and your team at Something Beautiful Remains for your impeccable service, attention to detail, compassion, advice and professionalism in honouring our beautiful Nan. Nothing was impossible; in fact, you made everything possible and for that we are truly grateful. Your personal touches helped to create lifelong memories of Nan that we will treasure forever.” 

Family of Joyce

“Caryn worked very efficiently and delivered all promises in a very timely manner. The coffin was already arranged in the last months of my father’s life and we made Caryn aware of that. This was of no concern to her as she was so approachable to any needs we had. She made everything work.” 

Family of Peter

“The service that Caryn provided was done with dignity and respect, and in a culturally appropriate way for our grieving family.

Caryn eased our suffering, she took care of our family’s worries in the most sensitive way.”

Family of Joseph

“I was fortunate enough to have known Caryn for a number of years before the inevitable conversation. We met over a glass of wine for a relaxed discussion about my dad’s declining health. The arrangements were meticulously detailed; music, poems and order of service penned, we had agreed on a simple but elegant service for my father, a good old Aussie bloke.”

Family of Ronald

“​​We came across Something Beautiful Remains online and after speaking with Caryn were happy to learn we could create a custom urn for our nephew, which was completely unique to him and could encompass all of his passions in life.”

Family of Hannah

“Caryn understands and gives amazing comfort to the loss and allows the family to grieve. It is a process and her good advice always is not to rush it. Her presence and commitments are beyond words can express; having her is a real blessing. She does everything with her full heart and she brings all the good memories alive through video and photo presentations. She runs around to make things happen the way the family wants it, and she takes it personally in this special time of grief.”

Funeral for baby of Raedina

“From the moment that I researched Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services (SBRFS) to the current date I have found nothing but professionalism, individuality, care and compassion from Caryn and her team.”

Family of Joyce

These beautiful words were received through one of our families from the grand-daughter of a passed loved-one.

“I really liked Caryn. I’m glad you chose her for Baka’s funeral.

I wasn’t sure what to expect Mum, cos I haven’t been to a funeral before. But I liked it. It felt like a celebration , and it was also sad, but I think Baka would’ve liked it.

And I’m glad now that I got to see Baka on the day.

Caryn was very kind to the people and to me and Zac. She was checking on us to ask if we were okay.”

Miss Milly, 11

Family of Ema

Once you’ve spoken with us,
your job is done

We are here to help you. Call us today and leave everything to us.

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    Google Reviews

    Kim McgeeKim Mcgee
    08:46 19 Jun 22
    Something Beautiful Remains Funeral Services did my dads Funeral. They were very professional and helpful. Caryn done just the best job. The funeral ran very smooth, the songs were played right the way though, that means a lot to hear music that you pick. Something Beautiful Remains Funerals and the staff done a great jobThank you
    Verliana SusiloVerliana Susilo
    12:59 08 Jun 22
    Having lost a person dearest to me to a sudden death at such a young age, I was at a lost of what to do, how to put together a funeral and the cost involved. Caryn was very helpful from the very beginning in providing practical advises such as what to consider between cremation and burial, locations, how to make sure that I chose what feels right for me and my family, and many more. In such short time span we achieved what I wanted. Caryn and Phil made little touches that made the funeral to be a beautiful send off and memorable one. Thank you Caryn in guiding me through a vulnerable time.
    Sam HSam H
    20:38 26 Jun 21
    Caryn's a lovely warm thoughtful lady, her consideration was appreciated by me very much. She added a unique and special touch to my Mothers funeral by making a beautiful floating Lotus Urn for our family to place into the water to send our Mother off in loving, serene and memorable way. I don't believe anyone is able to offer the services Caryn's offers and I recommend her to anyone seeking to have their loved one in considerate caring hands
    Ellee Kuki-KelekolioEllee Kuki-Kelekolio
    05:04 22 Jun 21
    We recently had to organise our baby son, Viliamu’s funeral. After searching and speaking with several funeral directors, we came across SBR.Phil was immediately extremely helpful and very sincere. He took over all of the details. Planning a funeral can be a really overwhelming thing but we were so glad Phil was on hand.He didn’t dismiss our cultural requests and was extremely accomodating. Our baby son was able to spend the night with us before his funeral and we are grateful Phil made it happen.It was forecast to storm on the day of Vili’s funeral but Phil assured us that “it doesn’t rain on the days of their funerals”He was right. It was nothing but Blue sky.Caryn was amazing too and was so very lovely. They even wore beautiful Indigenous designs in tribute of our son. They made sure all the little details were taken care of, including my important Wattle.We could not have asked for a better send off for our son & we will always be grateful to Phil & Caryn.We would recommend them to anyone. Thankyou SBR!
    Zarah CopelandZarah Copeland
    02:32 19 Jan 21
    Caryn and Phil from SBR Funerals were recommended to my family in a moment of need, and they went absolutely above and beyond to create a memorial service that was custom, sincere, and beautiful and budget friendly. Caryn is so warm, delightful and organised - she really took the stress out or everything! I would never go with any other funeral services provider after using them.