Specialist and understanding LGBTQI+ Funeral Directors

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At Something Beautiful Remains, our team members are compassionate, forward-thinking and people-focused professionals who wish nothing more than to honour you and your loved ones.

We realise that death and bereavement can be an especially difficult time for the LGBTQI+ community who are concerned about their relationships being unacknowledged, their sexuality being discussed publicly or their gender wrongly addressed.

At Something Beautiful Remains, we are here to allay these concerns.

To us, every person is a beautiful individual who is worthy of an authentic and detail-focused send off in a way that honours their true essence and the love they brought to this world.

Trust Something Beautiful Remains to arrange your LGBTQI+ funeral and funeral services in a way you can be proud of.

Honour your identity

We are aware of the difficulties faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people who have lived with intolerance and misunderstanding.

We understand that some people in the LGBTQI+ community are not comfortable revealing certain details about their lives to their wider community.

We respect the dignity of you and your loved ones and the permissions around disclosure that LGBTQI+ community members grapple with.

Rest reassured that at Something Beautiful Remains, it is our passion and commitment to bring you a personalised funeral service that truly respects the essence of the loved one who has passed and observes the parameters of their comfort after their death.

If you are planning a funeral for a LGBTQI+ community member, we will walk you through the process of documenting the wishes of their loved one in specific detail to ensure the details of your service and products are precisely as you wish them to be.

If you are planning your own funeral in advance, we can ensure we will uphold your wishes after your passing.

Something Beautiful Remains is a well-respected LGBTQI+ community ally and an impartial intermediary with the best wishes of the deceased, and those who love them, at heart.

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Personalisation with authenticity

At Something Beautiful Remains, the most important thing we can do for our customers is to ensure their funeral is personalised and unique.

We know that every individual is different and we believe every funeral service should be too.

Our staffs are open, compassionate and warm-hearted, with many years of experience in the funeral industry,

We are committed to preparing and carrying out a funeral that honours the suggestions, ideas and wishes of the families and individuals we serve to ensure a touching and personal tribute for their loved one.

Inclusion and respect

At Something Beautiful Remains we are always considering new ways to ensure we improve our inclusiveness.

For an inclusive, respectful and touching LGBTQI+ funeral service, contact the team at Something Beautiful Remains today.

Once you’ve spoken with us,
your job is done

We are here to help you. Call us today and leave everything to us.

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