At Something Beautiful Remains, Larissa wasn’t “just a number.”

Larissa sought the services of Caryn and Phil in August 2022 after the passing of her father.

“I chose Something Beautiful Remains over a traditional funeral home/service because I did not want my dad or us as his family to be treated as just ‘a number’ and to be put through a ‘tick the box’ process.”

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I called Caryn the morning of my dad’s passing…

“…following that first interaction on the phone, not only with her care and compassion, but showing a genuine interest in our family, it confirmed we were making the right choice.”

Larissa says Caryn and Phil treated her “like family.”

“What stood out to us about Caryn and Phil during our dealings with them was that they treated us like we were family. They took the time to sit with us and walk us through the options for planning a funeral.”

She also loved how Something Beautiful Remains “took care of everything:

Another thing that stood out, which we did not realise at the time, was that they also took on the administrative work for us in terms of filing forms with Births, Deaths and Marriages, informing the nursing home where Dad was residing and completing relevant paperwork on our behalf so that we did not need to worry about this.”

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Nothing was too much for Caryn and Phil…

“Nothing was ever too much for Caryn and Phil and they went out of their way to accommodate any requests.

They also kept us informed during the lead-up to the funeral and provided brief updates on what may have been ordered or what had been completed.

Finally, and most importantly, Caryn would sometimes call us to simply check in and see how we were coping, which is something I believe you would not get with a traditional funeral home or service. It was a personalised service we were receiving.”

The personalised experience helped us feel comfortable

“I do believe the personalised experience with Something Beautiful Remains helped us feel more comfortable than we may have felt with a traditional funeral home or service. As mentioned earlier, we were treated like extended family members.

We got to know them personally and they took an interest in knowing Dad and our family.”

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They show genuine compassion

“If people are looking for a personalised service with two people who show genuine compassion and take an interest to understand who the deceased was and their family, then I highly recommend they use Something Beautiful Remains.

Caryn and Phil go out of their way to give your loved one the special send-off they deserve and are meticulous in their planning and delivery.”

Never walk alone

Arranging a funeral for your loved one will be one of the hardest things you ever do.

At Something Beautiful Remains, we walk with you through this difficult time to honour your loved one’s life and relieve the burden of making funeral arrangements during your period of grief.

You are not alone; take our hand.

Contact Caryn and Phil today.

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