Personalised Funeral Services

At Something Beautiful Remains, we offer personalised funeral services to clients across Australia and beyond.

We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end funeral services to take the administrative load of the funeral organisation off your shoulders during an emotional and overwhelming time.

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Complete range of services

Something Beautiful Remains provides a complete range of services to organise the funeral of your choice.

From traditional choices to something others would consider ‘outlandish,’ Something Beautiful Remains ensures your funeral service and arrangements are completely unique, custom-made and with extensive attention to detail.

Once you have contacted us, you have already done everything you need to do.

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Unique celebrations

No two people are the same, so it makes sense to us that no two funerals will be the same, either.

We strive to ensure your funeral arrangements are truly personalised and individualised and we specialise in unique celebrations of life.

If you’ve struggled to find personalised funeral products or service arrangements through other providers, you have now come to the right place.


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Eco-friendly funerals and products

Something Beautiful Remains offers a range of eco-friendly products and services. Eco-friendly funeral services such as aquamation are fast becoming a bio-friendly alternative to cremation with many people also favouring green burials in a native bushland environment.

In keeping with nature, the graves are unmarked and can be located using GPS technology.

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Mortuary care

We understand how hard it is to have the body of your loved one in the care of others.

After their death, we transfer your loved one into our care at the earliest opportunity and then we carry out mortuary care, including preparation for viewing, if desired.

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We work with you to determine the burial option that best suits your needs and the wishes of the person who has passed.

You can choose from a traditional church or chapel service, including a committal ceremony at the graveside, to a full service at the grave site or something entirely different of your choice.

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There are many different options for cremation to choose from, including environmentally-friendly cremation. Many crematoriums provide chapels of various sizes to cater for large or small groups, should you wish to have a crematorium-based service.

We can also arrange a non-attending cremation, with the option for a memorial service at some future stage – whatever is your wish.

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Memorial service

We believe a memorial service should be as unique as the person it is celebrating.

At Something Beautiful Remains, we work to meet your individual desires – whether you wish to hold a service in a church, or a boat in Sydney Harbour, we will style your service to reflect any theme you require.

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If you have religious beliefs you wish to see honoured or desire a civil funeral ceremony, we work to meet your wishes at Something Beautiful Remains.

It is your decision whether or not you nominate someone to officiate your personalised funeral service, or ask us to provide someone with experience and compassion to conduct the service for you.

Orchid floral arrangement

Floral arrangements

At Something Beautiful Remains, we arrange everything from a single bloom to memorial wreaths or full casket sprays, with our floral arrangements freshly prepared the night before your service.

You can also order condolence flowers or petals for scattering on the coffin.

Funeral stationery

We create all of our stationery to reflect the unique nature of each life being celebrated.

Through close consultation, your loved one’s story is told in orders-of-service, memorial/prayer cards, bookmarks, memorial books, framed photographs and audio-visual presentations.

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Vehicle options are completely customised at Something Beautiful Remains.

You will have access to black, silver or white hearses, and a customised hearse with Aboriginal motifs, Harley Hearse with Side-Car, Hot Rod Hearse or DYI (We’ve used everything from a Troop Carrier to a flat bed truck), mourning cars and stretch limousines.

Death notification


At Something Beautiful Remains, we handle the completion and lodging of all compulsory forms on your behalf.

We also hand-deliver the Original Death Certificate along with Certified copies and a Who to notify Checklist and QR Code to efficiently inform Government Departments.

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Coffins and caskets

Something Beautiful Remains is renowned for personalised coffins and caskets. You can choose from a comprehensive range of coffins and caskets to suit all themes and budgets. You are able to select from materials such as cane, particle board or solid timber.

You can also have a design of your own printed on a coffin, e.g. Aboriginal artwork, football team colours, photographs, etc.

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Pregnancy and infant loss

We understand that pregnancy and infant loss is a particularly stressful time for any parent, and we offer calm, measured advice in regard to services of this nature.

We will guide you through the steps that will help select a fitting farewell for your child. We also have access to a comprehensive network of support groups and counsellors.

Returned Services

Something Beautiful Remains will contact the relevant organisations and arrange for any appropriate military inclusions for the service.

They include military service records, national and military flags and pennants, presentation of medals, and music such as the Last Post, Reveille and the Australian National Anthem.

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Additional services

We provide a number of additional services and personalised funeral keepsakes to personalise your funeral experience, including photography/videography, musicians, catering, printed candles, grave markers and headstones.

It may be your first time in this position

But it isn’t ours.

Many of our clients have never organised a funeral before, but know that they want something different than a traditional funeral home can provide.

At Something Beautiful Remains, we are honoured to be entrusted with the planning for this important occasion and we ensure you will be given the opportunity to create a unique and memorable experience.

Contact Caryn and Phil to ease the burden of your grief and organise a fitting farewell for your loved one.

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